FACOM guarantees its products against faulty materials or workmanship under the conditions defined below:

1. The FACOM guarantee takes the form of an exchange or repair limited to replacement of the faulty parts in accordance with the terms and conditions specified below:

• The faulty product must be returned to the Facom distributor, failing which repair under guarantee may be refused.
• This guarantee includes the parts and the labour provided by the FACOM after sales service or the approved distributor.
• All repairs are guaranteed six months parts and labour. This guarantee only applies to the components changed during the previous repair, with the exception of consumables.
• In line with its policy of continual product improvements to meet user needs and technological developments, FACOM may upgrade or discontinue the models shown in its catalogue without notice and without entailing any obligation on its part to repair tools or equipment sold previously. Those items no longer included in the range will then be replaced by a technically equivalent product or a credit note will be issued.

2. Conditions of application of the FACOM guarantee

• Unless otherwise specified, the Facom guarantee applies to all tools under normal conditions of use.
• The guarantee excludes the following:
Consumables (i.e. products that become deteriorated or damaged during use). These include, but are not limited to, drill bits, saw blades, abrasive discs, knife blades, files, batteries, driving bits, etc.
Normal wear and tear (in particular of wearing parts), failure to use the product for its intended purpose or in accordance with our instructions, neglect or inadequate maintenance on the part of the user.
Defective operation due to modifications or repairs not carried out by Facom’s after sales service or that of its approved distributors.
Defective operation due to causes external to the product (theft, dropping, lightening, flooding, fire, damage during transport, product not returned in its original packaging, etc.).
• The guarantee period takes effect from the date of purchase by the customer from the Facom customerdistributor. A copy of the invoice proving the date of purchase from the distributor may be requested in the event of a claim under the guarantee. In the case of technical products covered by a limited guarantee type D, it shall systematically be supplied by the user customer together with the serial number where one is indicated on the tool.
• The guarantee will apply for the period indicated in the price list applying on the date of purchase.
• Where the product is no longer covered by the guarantee (expiry of the guarantee period, guarantee inapplicable for the reasons given in paragraph 2) yet is repairable, this repair will be carried out only after acceptance by the user of the repair estimate.
• The application of the guarantee will not give risk to any kind of indemnity or damages for any reason whatsoever.

• In the event that Facom is no longer able to exchange a product under guarantee with another having the same reference, it undertakes to provide a technically equivalent product or to issue a credit note if no corresponding product is available.
• The type of guarantee applying to a product can be determined simply by referring to the current price list (column G) available at any Facom distributor. For certain product references, the type of guarantee is indicated on the packaging or in the accompanying documentation.
• Those items for which no guarantee type is specified (column G empty), are covered only by the statutory guarantee.
• Each item of a set continues to be covered by its own individual guarantee. Applicable legislation.

3. Types of guarantee (price list column G):

Guarantee type E: the tool will be exchanged free of charge, in accordance with the conditions of implementation and application of the guarantee (cf. paragraphs 1 and 2 above) and without limit of time.

Guarantee type R: the tool will be repaired or replaced with a repaired tool in a similar condition in accordance with the conditions of implementation and application of the guarantee (cf. paragraphs 1 and 2 above) and without limit of time.

Guarantee type D: this guarantee is subject to a time limit. The guarantee period is specified by a figure after the D. It applies mainly to technical products or machines. In accordance with the conditions of implementation and application of the guarantee (in particular the exclusion of wearing parts - cf. paragraphs 1 and 2 above), this guarantee covers the repair and replacement of defective parts, free of charge, during the period of validity.

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Something broke?

Review the above information and return do nas the damaged product to us along with the completed form. Enter contact details and a list of what you are sending. The date of purchase is only needed for D2, D3, D5 time guarantees.

We send damaged products for service verification every Friday. You will have to wait about two weeks for positively processed complaints.

If you have any doubts, we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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